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Versus films are B-grade action flicks, typically pretty academic and dry affairs, but Strippers vs.

After killing a werewolf named Mickey with a silver fountain pen to the eye, Justice Adele Silva and the rest of the dancers at Vixens find themselves embroiled in a blood feud with the other members of Mickey's pack. Fat girl lesbian. Werewolves,' one would expect to see more of each party's area of expertise, no? With a name like Strippers vs. Strippers vs werewolves nude scenes. I first thought this was a sequel to Zombie Strippers because he was in both, but to be clear, it is not. Is this the grunge version of Twilight?

Den of Geek US. Any Exclusive Goodies in There? An inability to drum up much empathy for any of the characters simply results in one waiting for the inevitable final showdown at the strip joint, which finally embraces the camp aspect of the premise and even features a running tally of the causalities suffered on each side. Director Jonathan Glendering throws in other tics--like a copious amount of split-screen--in an attempt to bring a sense of style to an otherwise dull film that quickly degenerates into standard hack and slash nonsense.

Werewolves,' a film that bears all the hallmarks of fantastically bad cinema, but even at its worst, it's rarely the good kind of bad. The makeup on the werewolves swings from not bad to pretty terrible really, again I was expecting greatness but its a bit shitty looking really.

View All Audience Reviews. Kobebrunettestripnudeassbachelorpublic Model: There are no approved quotes yet for this movie. Normally, with films of this nature, there's a sense of reckless abandon, a feeling that everyone involved simply said, "screw it," and just let it rip.

I did find the film entertaining at times, without having to suspend my disbelief once. Twink fuck cum. Kevin Yeoman Review Date: Well, given the sheer volume of films each man is overseeing at any given moment, and the fact that Sothcott and Phillips both appear on the Blu-ray in what is referred to as a "Producers' Commentary," it is evident that 'Strippers vs.

Werewolves' is that somehow, all the fun of watching a ridiculously awful movie is mostly absent. Director Jonathan Glendening follow up his full-moon frightener Night Wolf with yet another tale of lycanthropic terror - this time pitting a pack of vengeance seeking werewolves against a trio of sexy strippers.

All the body horror is there - the sprouting of hair, the uncontrollable growth and painful shifting musculature. Werewolves' wasn't some silly filmmaking endeavor hilariously gone awry; it was simply a cheap quickie that showed up on the assembly line, and director Jonathan Glendenning was little more than a proletariat worker doing his part to see a product off to market.

For full videos, including naughtiness we can't show here, check out PublicFlash. And, as with honest Abe chopping down undead bloodsuckers like so many mighty oaks, 'Strippers vs. Who is the woman in black panties on the pole? Facebook Messenger Click the button below and wait for a message from our Facebook bot in Messenger! The human element and erotic tinge to the concept means that has the potential to be a more invigorating big-screen clash than Godzilla vs King Kong, Alien vs Predator and Cowboys vs Aliens combined.

Werewolves is like the platypus. The editor must have thought because he added flashy comic book transitions it would make up for the dreadful pace of every other scene in the film. Bachelor party rule 1: To make matters worse, 'Strippers vs. Might I suggest all three?

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Justice is fifty shades of boring! March 14, Rating: View the discussion thread. Please allow me to direct your attention to John Barrowman's amazing adlib near the end of the epically dreadful, yet endearing staple of bad cinema, 'Shark Attack 3: There are over a hundred girls to choose from!

Instruments and vocals sound rich and resonate well, despite the songs themselves being simply awful. Natural oily tits. Such a missed chance for a gloriously over the top tits, ass and gore flick, I can't believe how badly they blew it, criminal. Season 2 The Walking Dead: Bachelor party rule 1: And although the two are engaged, Scott has no idea Justice turns into a naked girl while at work, and Justice is left unaware Scott turns into a dog when the moon is full.

Why has nobody told me about this? Busty Blonde Loves Showing. While engaging in self care, I want to stream and watch something. Overall, I give this film five out of ten. Every scene feels like you could drive a truck through the pauses.

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As far as titles go, 'Strippers vs. Strippers vs werewolves nude scenes. Werewolves Blu-ray Skip it 2 stars. Isis taylor lesbian sex. James Clayton sometimes howls at the moon but is reluctant to moon for money. The movie knows it's bad, but never manages to capture that enjoyably awful tone. There's no burying the lede here; you can, without a doubt, expect to find women who take their clothes off for a living embroiled in some kind of fracas with a bunch of lycanthropic troublemakers.

News James Clayton Apr 26, Blu-ray Ultra HD Gaming. Had this been in the hands of Landis or Jay Lee the director of 'Zombie Strippers, it could of been hella cool. Please enter your name here.

Not to the same effect. He actually has some funny bits throughout, including a ridiculous scene where he tracks down two super hot vampire vixens. It does seem as though they got these cult names in just to raise the bar of the film on the grapevine, no one thought to give them something cool to do.

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