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McCoy rated it liked it Shelves: Not surprisingly, Batman figures little into this and we focus on Katherine Kane and why she became a crimefighter.

I believe everything in a comic must have a justification, no matter how little it is And i do see a fair justification on Batwoman using few clothes in those specific scenes, and it was way more justified and much more than in other comic like in World's Finest for example, in the old Powergirl Comic there was this scene in which she got nude in a public place by accident, the entire scene is just a joke, and its played and drawn as a joke, its meant to be funny, and i thought it was funny do you think that was an exploitation of Powergirl because she is heterosexual?

It's a recurrent theme in Frank Miller's work: Honestly, the book could have been a brilliant creator-owned title elsewhere and probably fantastically, even in this saturated marketplace. Vintage lesbian photos. She's still covered more than most other heroines in full costume. We see a bit of kissing and some reaction shots. In such a rating: It is everything a reboot should be, new persona, tastefully updated milieu, new baddies, old baddies, reconnection with some old friends, new friends, and artwork that will knock your socks off.

I certainly do not see how having Cassie be such a person would be out of character. Naked bat woman. I thought it was weird using such a supernatural plot as the first one for this comic and would have preferred something more reality-based or at least science-fiction-y I know that comics are far from reality but would have preferred a living villain.

Want to Read saving…. Kate's fractured identity only makes sense in light of Williams's stylistic emphasis on the un-objective nature of the memories on which Kate has built her identity. She took her clothes off four times in four issues, and it only added something to the scene in one instance. The topics I raised weren't about changing her personality, just experiencing that through a new filter.

You may be right about the sex scene being lengthened because of the lesbian angle. Cum on tits porn pics. You say her sexuality is being exploited, and yet compared to scores of other female characters out there, her "exploitation" has been rather downplayed and pretty tame.

Spirituality, Fantasy, and Superheroes. The interplay of Williams's art styles illustrates this aspect of performativity perfectly. B plus to A minus. As the lineup of summer blockbusters over the last decade attests, the superhero still holds power in the American and increasingly, the global imagination. Superman may be the first, but Batman has unquestionably become the most popular of DC's heroes.

Even though The New 52 was supposed to create a great jumping-on point for new readers, this book is a direct continuation of the story in Batwoman: Remember Me Forgot password? The Religion of Crime ongoing arc is ok, but it needs a great figurehead to oppose her. Im assuming that the first yes is about being only exploitative in the first few issues 1- ok 2- and pretty much everyone else 3- I think someone else said that, but it wasnt me, and I think it wasnt ravager4 or fodigg 4- I cant remember exactly since its been a long time that i read David Hine's Azrael but im pretty sure he was a very devoted christian 6- and the point of the swords is that are the swords of redemtion and punishment, when he stabs someone with the sword of redemption he sees his own sins and if its inside his own heart he will be forgiven, and if the person is without sin then the fire of the other sword wont harm him, so its actually very spiritual on its execution 5- i was being sarcastic in both but seriously, the entire bases of this entire conversation is this we saw her in her bra in issue 1, we saw her in a shower in issue 2 and issue 4 had an artistic sexscene ergo, she is being exploited no she isnt.

I think if anything would cause people to pick it up, it would be that it's easily one of the best comics in DC in the art department on a consistent basis and if I was unfamiliar with the concept of the book, art of that quality and the fact the title tells me it's somewhat related to the Bat-franchise would get me to read it.

Historically, Batwoman was among the first openly queer characters in mainstream comics to have her own book, and definitely the first queer character to headline a major title for one of the Big Two.

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The series has promise, and I like the feel of it.

She is a celebrated West Point cadet until she is asked by her superiors to respond to claims that she has violated the clause against homosexuality. Old man fuckes young girl. DC made some weak as in hypocritical response about superheroes never having healthy and happy lives, maybe another stereotype that should go out the window as well. It pushes the boundaries of comic art.

Batwoman fights with specifically nonlethal gear; Alice is armed with guns, knives, and hidden razor blades. There are many ways Batwoman's sexuality is appealing to heterosexist fetishization of lesbianism. At the same time, this page reveals the sexual nature of any physical encounter between superhero and villain. Kate Kane, the mighty heroine Athene, has defeated the war god Ares, but now must face her own past with her girlfriend by her side. He then cuts out just a few square inches of each though none are square-shaped and pastes them into a collage using the same glue that holds multiple, simultaneous settings and figures together in dreams.

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Williams and Blackman are a perfect writiing duo and I hope we see this creative team and this book last for years to come. Or Bruce by the actions of Joe Chill? Discussion 55 results 1 2 Browse Boards Gen.

Elegy - th My brother loaned me a few books to introduce me to The New 52, a massive relaunch of DC's titles that seemed crazy at the time but has actually, I've heard, led to some really good stories. Girls putting stuff in there pussy. I also liked the patches of Spanish dialogue and those really minor Latino characters throughout.

This entry, however, feels like a step in the wrong direction, while simultaneously relying heavily on Elegy as a lead-in. Naked bat woman. I think you are confusing the fact that she is naked with her sexual orientation like ravager4 put it Um, she doesn't take her clothes off every issue. I wish it was enough to elevate the book - maybe it was for this stretch, I dunno. There is a twist at the end that sets up a continued story. While there are many warm tones, they are less saturated than those of the present-day Kate pages, and the flashback pages also features many grays and blues as well.

It could've been Shakespeare just as easily and I would've been on board. In Alan Moore's Watchmenthe Comedian's rape and beating of Sally Jupiter are pictured as one and the same action. I was a little annoyed that DC was slighting the Christian population and Cassandra who they promptly turned evilbut more importantly, I could easily see two ways DC might mishandle Kate Kane. Ok, maybe I did do it justice. Jennifer lawrence nude photos free. This is a book that feels written specifically to get us to these big moments, so that Williams can show off his artistic flare.

Even disregarding that point, Bruce wrapped his ribs in his one shirtless scene rendering him nearly completely clothed. However, if you have the patience for that, it can be very rewarding.

I'm not sure I'll continue this series, unless it's on sale or on a deep discount.

You'll like it:

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